Return & Refund Policy

Exchange and Return policy (Please read before wash)

You are welcome to exchange or return bed linen, duvet, mattress protector (excluding mattress, topper and pillow) within 7 working days from receiving day to returning day

The condition of exchange and return are as following:

  1. In case that our company delivers the merchandise that are different from customer’s order detail, we are glad to exchange that merchandise and deliver the right one within 14 working days without any payment
  2. In case that merchandise is defected and/or damaged from manufacturing process or transportation
  3. The merchandise that customer prefers to exchange must have the same or less value with the merchandise that need to be exchanged. We reserve the right not to return cash or excess money of merchandise in any reason
  4. Our company has no policy to return merchandise for cash in any reason
  5. In case that cutomer needs to change color or shade, item condition must not be changed, damaged and merchandise must have the original purchase receipt comes with the full packaging of that merchandise
  6. In case that customer got the wrong size, our company is welcome to exchange that merchandise into the merchandise that customer needs with the same shade. By the way, merchandise must not be damaged.
  7. Merchandise that cannot be exchanged is the merchandise with custom size or add more detail into the original merchandise
  8. Every merchandise that is be used or washed or unboxing from packaging, our company is reserved the right not to exchange or return