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฿4,200 ฿1,599

LOTUS Neck Massage Latex pillow’s wave convoluted surface is designed to reduce pressure point on neck, head and shoulder area imporove back support, and enchant air circulation while reducing bed sores. It’s unique contour shape provides high and low profile at each side ensures restful nights for all types of sleepers.

฿5,700 ฿1,999

Naturally embrances the shape of individual’s curve in the head and neck area.
LOTUS Memory Foam Pillow’s Classic therapeutic design has two different contours, its higher contour provides excellent support ideal for the side and back sleeper and its lower contour allows premium comfort suitable for the stomach sleeper.

฿2,800 ฿1,400

A truly Italian comfort. Lotus Micro Visco Pillow designed for those looking for extraordinary softness in pillow defines new standards of relaxation. Made of 100% memory foam, Lotus Micro Visco Pillow adapts to the shape of the head and neck softly, distributes weight evenly, and breathes to provide cool microclimate.


Thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing, Lotus Micro Visco Pillow is created through environmentally-friendly process based on vegetable origin materials. Sleep well to live well.