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What causes ringing in the ears? Why can't I hear people walking outside the room?

01/11/2021 | Eiw

I can hear strange sounds..don't be afraid of ghosts.
But it's a sign of bad health!!
Alright, who doesn't know what's calling us at night? Where will the sound of walking in the building
Eh, who's picking up what's going on?
don't be afraid Because the earache is not caused by the presence of some spirit or energy.
but caused by health problems related to relaxation But how did it happen?
Let's try to read.
Auditory Hallucination is a condition in which we hear non-existent sounds. It usually occurs in the form of hearing one's name, footsteps, and the sound of picking up objects. It is a condition caused by the effects of the nervous system. which is classified as a type of hallucination Occurs frequently with psychiatric patients Those who are seriously affected by the mental including those who are not getting enough rest until they lose the balance of the body's command system
Ringing in the ears can be caused by the following reasons:
Has been severely affected by past events Or are stressed and worried to the point that the nervous system is disrupted. Lack of quality sleep for a long time a sleep disorder is a congenital disease related to mental states such as depression, bipolar disorder, which if there is a family member Hearing loss can be caused by genetics and side effects of certain medications. which should be closely supervised by a doctor
Solution section It is recommended to start with a full rest. abstain from alcoholic beverages and avoid any activities That can cause stress or anxiety in the case of severe hearing loss. and it is continuous The best way is to see a doctor in the relevant field. This problem can be solved by a doctor. From now on, I don't have to be afraid of ghosts anymore.