Support the medical team And all Thai people, we will go through the crisis together.

02/07/2021 | Eiw


During this period, the number of patients and those affected by COVID-19 still worrying We continue to monitor the situation.
continuously with the original aim that we always emphasized that #we will fight together
For such a situation, we Lotus Mattress Group has been a part in helping to donate mattresses to support patients to field hospitals across the country continuously until now, totaling 15,561 sets, which is considered one of the most proud of us and all employees
At present, although the whole situation in Thailand cannot be said to be 100% safe from COVID-19 in all areas, we believe that medical personnel and all relevant agencies have tried their best always full power Since day one and continues to do so for all of us.
We, Lotus Mattress Group I would like to cheer up for all staff. including all people in Thailand What we have done is insignificant compared to what all of you have sacrificed for your body and soul until now.
Rather than fighting that we will go through this crisis together.
We would like to thank all of you for your heartfelt sacrifices…