Lotus Mattress Group Donate mattresses and bedding donated to Chonburi Hospital to support Covid-19 patients

20/05/2021 | Eiw


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#we will fight together ..And we continue to move forward.
For the mission to deliver mattresses to support COVID-19 patients in field hospitals across the country The next destination is

  • Department of Public Health, Songkhla Province
  • Khlong Hat Hospital Sa Kaeo Province
  • Chumphon Hospital, Chumphon Province

For tomorrow that all Thai people can smile again.. We won't stop doing it if someone needs help.
At present, we are a group of companies in the Lotus Mattress Group. have donated mattresses and bedding More than 9,439 sets have been given to field hospitals and are preparing to deliver to other field hospitals for more than 3,652 sets, totaling 13,091 sets, worth more than 72,943,052 baht.

However, we continue to accelerate the production of mattresses and bedding.
to keep up with the needs of Thai brothers and sisters in other field hospitals who are contacting

Contact for donations : 06-3845-xxxx

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