Sleeping Tips

Good immunity starts at sleep well

23/07/2021 | Eiw


I really have to admit that all of us in our lives today need to take extra care of our health. So what should we start with?…Perhaps a simple activity. That helps restore the body effectively, you may not even think of.
👉 That is sleep.
Did you know that sleep is the best immune booster? It is like a gift from nature given to us since birth. Unfortunately, many people nowadays often overlook it. Choose to do activities More and then less time to rest, which turned out to be the most important thing was neglected.
👉 By getting enough rest, it will help our health as follows.
- Helps strengthen the Anti body system more effectively The immune system will work fully when getting enough rest. This Anti body system will help against the flu and various viruses - bacteria.
👉 A good sleep will help build cytokines (Cytokines), which is one of the proteins that help strengthen the immune system. Strengthen cells and treat inflammation
👉 helps the body to create Growth Hormone better by such hormones can create some white blood cells. That can resist bacteria - viruses, which will help us to be more healthy.
👉 Helps to strengthen NK Cell which is a type of white blood cells found within the body only 15% has the face to destroy virus-infected cells. Or infection with cancer, so NK Cell is a very important immune system in the human body. The cells will decrease as they age. and when the body is not getting enough rest
already know this Sleep well and rest. as full as your body desires. for good health in every day of life
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