Sleeping Tips

BEST SLEEPING PILLS Sleep soundly without drugs.

28/09/2564 | Eiw


Can't sleep, taking medicine is not good 🥱
because of sleep problems Maybe it's closer than you think.

☑️ “Quality sleep” has many factors involved.
whether the room temperature, the amount of light activities to do before bed
The level of relaxation - tension until the mattress and pillow support.
that responds to the physiology because of the possibility of these reasons
make medication It might not be a solution to the problem.
And it may not always be the best way.

☑️ One of the most common causes of insomnia is
“Mattresses and pillows that don't answer the question or not of quality.”
Because if the mattress does not meet the body or does not qualify
Breaks down pressure well enough. will cause a reversal
in the middle of the night during sleep It also results in the circulatory system.
decreased efficiency

For bolsters, there are similar causes. that is, if there is a lack of qualifications
that provides a relaxing touch from the pressure relief on the head and neck
including making the head position not in the proper angle for sleeping
This makes the sleep cycle (Sleep Circle) ineffective.
for good hygiene

☑️ You already know this. If you are one of those who suffer from sleep problems..
Do not rely on medicines to eat. But it's better to start by checking your own mattress and pillow.

Quality mattress, comfortable pillows, just like this, it's easy to fall asleep.
LOTUS bedding sets are worried about everyone's health 😘