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including linen color set Poke the gland "LOVE SCENE"

15/02/2021 | Eiw


Love can get better.. What color bedding should I use? ❤️
Did you know that "bed sheet color" can also stimulate love to saturate it? Whether for a couple who "first love" or "lost love" already
Well, why not? 😆 when different color theories used to tell us Colors can make you hungry, calm, or distraught. Now, when it comes to “love”, it is not uncommon for colors to be able to stimulate as well. Both urging to be sensitive, enchanted, voluptuous… Ouch ❤ Let's go read it. What color is it? I want to buy it and change it! 😁

love-scene002 love-scene005
love-scene004 love-scene003