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ผ้าขนหนู Lotus Rubic คอลเลคชั่น

LOTUS® Towel RUBIC Collection is 100% made from superior quality double ply cotton yarns, imported from the very best source of cotton fibers around the world. This extraordinary cotton goes through stringent EcoTechTM  technology to provide luxurious plush hand feel and instant water absorption.

Made of EcoTechTM cotton, RUBIC Bath Towels and rugs are uniquely superfine, wick moisture instantly, remain plush and soft wash after wash, and durable for everyday use. They even dry more quickly, especially useful in more humid climates!

Pichana Yoosuk - Lotus Rubic Towel
ผ้าขนหนู Lotus Rubic คอลเลคชั่น

“Instantaneous Water Absorption. Plush Cushioning, Anti-Skid. Super Soft Touch. 100% EcoTechTM Cotton.”

LOTUS® RUBIC Bath Rug Collection is a multipurpose rug hand tufted with Anti-Skid coating. Made to last under your feet ideal for home decors as bathroom mats, bedroom mats, kitchen rugs, doormat and more.

Pichana Yoosuk - Lotus Rubic Towel



Most modern detergents contain optical brighteners & these optical brighteners are excellent for keeping whites looking white. They do however have tendency to make other colors appear less bright. For color towels LOTUS® recommends the use of mild detergents that doesn’t contain optical brighteners. Detergents with a eucalyptus base will give you a superior color retention.

You can wash your towels in cold water, however as towels absorb body oils, we recommend that every 3-4 washes you give your towels a warm water wash. This gives them a really deep cleanse and rejuvenates the fibers so that they can continue to perform at their best.

LOTUS® uses superior quality Double Ply cotton yarns that have a natural (in-built) softness. Avoid using fabric softeners, as these will reduce the absorbency of your LOTUS® towels.

To improve the fluffy appearance and the absorbent properties of the cotton fibers, tumble dry your towels regularly. If you line dry our towels, try to take them off in the dryer as this will fluff them up. Do not over-dry your towels on the line as this will make them harsh and crunchy.

The main benefit to LOTUS® EcoTechTM Cotton Towels is its absorbency power. The Double Ply long staple fiber lengths produce finer fibers on the towels. This helps it to be super absorbent. LOTUS® Towels made from finest cotton yarns will dry more quickly, especially useful in more humid climates! This means they don’t run the risk of going or staying damp which you can experience with other types of cotton.

In addition to the long staple fiber lengths producing a super absorbent towel, it also makes them feel silky smooth and soft. This is a sure way of giving you the exceptional comfort and luxurious feel.

The way LOTUS® EcoTechTM Cotton Towels are made ensures they are tough and durable for everyday use. This means they withstand the test of time and last longer.