Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Set 5ft. and 6 ft. consist of 6 pieces including 1 sheet, 1 comforter, 2 pillowcases and 2 bolster cases

  • Health Vacuum Pillow made of Conjugate Hollow-Fill II that has an air dry system, No wet and anti-mould. Easy to clean without losing shape and protect you from fomites and allergy
  • Health Pillow made of Microtex 100% increasing toughness with more Fiber quantity for those who like a firm pillow but still soft

Impression print's made of 100% MicroTex with superactive finishing. 330 Thread counts/10

Plantone is made of high thread count of 690/10

  • DO NOT wash the Air-pump Pillow.
  • We suggest you hang dry and softly slap to maintain the pillow's shape.
  • Do not use the pillow to hit something because this will make the air hole system get damage.
  • Should put the pillow into the pillowcase and wash it often

We'll deliver the product by EMS within 3-5 working days (exclude Saturday and Sunday and holiday). If the product has been shipped, we'll inform you the parcel number via messenger.

At the moment, we have only 2 options

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Payment via Credit Card/Debit Card

Topper is quite similar to mattress, but Topper comes with 3 different heights which are 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches. Easy to move. Can be bend, but not broken

Eco-Fur blanket is two-seasonal blanket. It can be used both sides with the size of 60x80 inches

Please check your purchased product before washing. If that product is defective, you can contact us to exchange for the new one.

We have many collections and the price range also varies. You can look for more products information on this link:

Solid Collection is a pure solid colour, but Stripies Collection is a gradient, made of high-quality Microtex 100% with 330 Thread/10

The comforter is quilted and you can't take the inside out to wash. However,  for a duvet, you can open the cover with a zip and wash.

If the thread count is higher, the quality of the fabric of that product's also higher. It will be softer and increase the circulation of air flow, so that you can have a good sleep.